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Be the BEST mentoring,
coaching and character-building
sports academy in Shanghai

Be the BEST mentoring,
coaching and character-building
sports academy in Shanghai

Be the BEST mentoring,
coaching and character-building
sports academy in Shanghai


About Us

Founded in the delightful spring of 2015, Coach G Academy is a professional sports education organisation that specialises at providing quality sports coaching to all kids aged 4 - 16 in Shanghai, whether they are locals or expats.

Most our staff or volunteers at Coach G Academy are Christian believers. The idea is that through our coaching, and through our interaction with your kids, and through our love towards them, we could demonstrate the love that Jesus has for us.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8 NIV).

We want to bring the sports culture to China, where our kids can constantly be playing sports and truly enjoy a wonderful childhood bringing balance to their life rather than only a 'traditional classroom study' approach to learning. Our kids benefit from more outdoor play and more fun.

Our Mission

We want to work together with families to instill strong character, athleticism, and confidence in their children through sports. We believe that sports is an ESSENTIAL life skill that teaches such qualities such as confidence, teamwork, persistence, grit, positivity, tenacity and discipline. We want our coaches to embody these traits and instill them in our students through coaching and mentorship.

We believe that the best athletes often possess strong characters, which is what allows them to train so diligently and achieve the level of success they have in their field. We want to instill these traits alongside technical and athletic skills at Coach G Academy.

We want to change the mentality that studying is the only way to build disciplined and hard-working children. Through Coach G Academy, we want families to experience the way in which sports completes a child’s development and is critical for future success.

Our Vision

Be the best mentoring, coaching and character-building sports academy in Shanghai.

Why Us

Our Dedicated Coaching Staff.
All our coaching staff are highly trained and have gone through an extensive training program. All of them are personally hand-picked and guided by our Head of Sport. They are professionals who know the sport inside out and they care about your children's development and growth. Most importantly, they are passionate about what they do.

Our Creative Coaching Curriculum.
While all our training philosophy follows the international sports curriculum, which is to focus on the fundamentals of kids skill development, we also have our own CGA sports curriculum which is personally curated by our Head of Sport with his years of experience and research. Our sessions are often divided into:

  • Warm-ups (Fun games)
  • Core Athlete ABC Training (Agility, Balance & Coordination)
  • Technique (Basic technique practice, non-opposed)
  • Skill challenge (Skill sessions aim to challenge the kids to practice their technique in a semi-opposed / pressured scenario)
  • Matches (End with a real game to serve to practice & test kids’ ability to demonstrate the skills they have learnt in a real match scenario)

Friendly Match Opportunities / Tournament Experience
At Coach G Academy, we are always looking to provide our kids with appropriate match & tournament opportunities. Once the players are ready, we are always looking to create match experiences for them by organising different friendlies with other clubs & teams. We aim to either enter or host at least one tournament per season.

We Really Care about Your Kids!
Unlike others, at Coach G Academy, we truly care about your kids! We give attention not only to their sports development but also to their character development! We want our young athletes not only to learn to compete in a healthy manner but also to learn to respect all parties in sports - opponents, officials, parents or audiences. We value the opportunities we have as coaches to be able to provide necessary guidance in their lives. We certainly hope we will be more than coaches to them and above all, they will learn how to be independent and how to socialise with others by participating in sports.

We Always Strive for the Best and We are Always Looking to Improve.
One of the reasons why Coach G Academy is probably the best in our field is because we are constantly improving ourselves by collecting and implementing constructive feedbacks. We are constantly looking to improve in what we do and what we offer! We do not settle for second best! We are the best! And for us to stay at our professional and competitive level, it is a constant process! Just like a Christian's spiritual walk with The Father, we want to perfect it by giving our best, every single day!




We are dedicated to our personal approach in all areas of our practice.
All of our staff are highly skilled, and well trained in their respective practice areas. We love what we do and it really shows!

  • Andy
    Football Coach
  • Brian
    Football Coach
  • Carter
    Football Coach
  • Daisy
    Programme Coordinator
  • Edgard
    Senior Basketball Coach
  • Gerrard
    Athletic Director
  • Henry
    Senior Football Coach
  • Jason
    Football Coach
  • Jordy
    Football Coach
  • Li Hui
    Senior Football Coach
  • Mac
    Sports Coach
  • Michael
    Senior Football Coach
  • Mike
    Head Coach
  • Mohamed
    Senior Basketball Coach
  • Paige
    Business Manager
  • Patty
    Senior Football Coach
  • Paul
    Football Coach
  • Philip
    Football Coach
  • Raphael
    Football Coach
  • Ryan
    Football Coach
  • Shufan
    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Theresa
    Tennis Coach
  • Tino
    Senior Football Coach
  • Tyno
    Senior Football Coach


"My son Cameron attended a number of Sports Camps with Coach G Academy over the summer and had a great time! They played many different kinds of sports and did other fun activities, such a water balloon fights when it got a bit too hot. The coaches were excellent, very welcoming and ensured the kids enjoyed themselves. In fact Cameron was due to go to a different camp one week but asked if he could go back to Coach G Academy as he had such a good time!"

Sergio, Gonzalo's Dad

"Coach G academy have the best coaches who can train the kids very well and mould them out. They encourage sportsmanship and competitiveness. What makes coach Gerrard special is that he care for each individual player and explain the kids their strength and weakness which helps the kids to get better and better....The coaches always have a special bond with each student. Their outstanding effort organisation and enthusiasm is always appreciated. Thank you!"

Chandrasekaran T., Kalyan's Dad

"Coach G Academy offers the BEST kids' soccer program in Shanghai! This is my opinion after my son tried a number of classes around the city. The search stopped here. Coach G Academy offers the first lesson as a free trial. This only goes to show they are open to your feedback and also that they believe their program stands above. It is true, they are stand out!

As a former educator and long time soccer player myself, I recognise and value their coaching aims. Coach G Academy has superb focus on skill development which threads throughout all the drills and games that they teach. The coaches' energy and enthusiasm is infectious and therefore, by example they install the love of the game. At a young age is it so important to foster positive behaviours such as hard work, cooperation and sportsmanship. Joining team sport offers this in addition to benefits of physical exercise and a level of joy. We all want this for our kids, YES?! This is why Coach G Academy gets an A+ from this mom!

Alison, Raiyden's Mum

"Zion 从幼儿园大班开始跟 Coach G Academy 的教练们练习踢球,至今已经有一年半的时间了。作为 Zion 的爸爸,我真心感受到了 Coach G Academy 教练们的专业和认真!即使下着滂沱大雨,教练们也会按时来给孩子们上室内体能训练课。Zion 已经深深地爱上了足球,而这就是我对儿子的期望:不强求作专业球员,惟愿他享受足球运动!此外,Coach G 也是一位很有爱心的基督徒。他不但亲子支持一些非营利性项目,还制定了奖学金政策,力所能及地为爱好足球运动的孩子们提供足球训练的机会!加油 Coach G Academy!"

Zion's Dad

"She found your sessions to be both professional, informative and fun. Your encouragement and guidance has instilled a real passion for football and for that her mother and I thank you."

Luciana, Fillipe's Mum



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